Mosquito Protection

  • Avoid outside exposure during early evening hours - "Dusk"
  • Decrease exposure by wearing long sleeves and long pants.
  • Protect infants with fine netting over strollers.
  • Some mosquito repellents may be used in children older than 6 months; do not apply to hands of small children to avoid oral absorption.
  • Objective testing of various products showed variable periods of bite protection:
    • OFF! Skintastic for Kids (4.75% DEET): ~80 minutes of protection. Safe for children >6 months.
    • Skin-So-Soft products: ~10-20 minutes of protection. Safe for children >6 months.
    • Various wristband products: < 1 minute of protection.
  • Older Children (>5 years) can use DEET concentrations up to 35%.
  • For prolonged outdoor exposure such as hiking/camping trips, the addition of Permalone Tick Repellent (permethrin) sprayed on clothing offers safe, effective control of both mosquito and tick bites.