Clothing Needs

Room Temperature and Clothes

It is usually not necessary to re-adjust the temperature of you home when your baby arrives; 72-75 degrees F is a reasonable thermostat setting range for most families. A good rule of thumb is to dress your baby in one more layer of clothing than you are wearing.

Going Outside

When you go outside for the first time, be prepared with food, extra diapers, baby wipes, and clothing. Unless it is very warm, a light hat to cover the head and ears is a good idea. Outside exposure is not the cause of illness, but, rather close physical contact with others who transmit infections (mostly viruses) to the baby as their social life expands.


You may use mild soaps, detergents (such as Dreft or Ivory) and bleaches. Always wash new clothing before first wearing. The key is to thoroughly rinse the clothing. You may need to run the clothing through an extra rinse cycle. Fabric softeners may reduce the absorbency of home-laundered diapers and along with dryer sheets may cause various rashes and skin sensitivities. Keep the laundry as simple as possible for several months.